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Our Approach

Some corporations follow the model of hiring employees to meet the work load. So what often follows with this model is you are either limited to finding work that your staff is qualified to complete, or you must find new employees to meet the requirements of the new project. Therefore, we take a different approach. PCiSOFT custom solutions start with the premise that we will always use the right tool for the right job.  Sometimes the job dictates using a new technology. That is when we use one of our many industry connections to contract the right person with the right skills rather than trying to fit the client solution into some existing set of employee skills. As a result we reduce our overhead resulting in lower costs to you because we don’t have employees sitting “on the bench” waiting for the next project to match their skills.


Our Story

From the beginning in 1998, customer service and customer RELATIONSHIP have been our focus as a means of separating us from the other solutions providers. For almost 20 years we have worked to ensure we were meeting the needs of our customers. Even when the customer may not have been able to articulate their need, we dig in to ensure all PCiSOFT custom solutions fit the client’s needs.

Forward Thinking

PCiSOFT custom solutions embrace many differing technologies in order to provide you with the right solution. We use the right tool for the right job whether on Local Network, Mobile, or Cloud-based Platforms.

Problem Solvers

PCiSOFT custom solutions not only work for you, they “fit” how you do business, much like wearing a custom tailored suit. After all, there is a reason we call this “custom” software.

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